青海自然行走 | Field Trip to Qinghai
时间: 2021-07-20 来源: 上海德英乐学院


At the beginning of the summer vacation, a group of teachers and students from Shanghai DTD Academy (SDA) went to Qinghai for a study trip on nature.


They walked into the ecological forest farm in the National Forest Park and Geological Park, and came to the Tu Autonomous County, Qinghai Lake and Chaka Salt Lake. They had learned about the different ecological environment and human geography on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in Hallgeir prairie, kept watchful eyes on the relationship between the folk customs and the geographical ecology, focused on the significance of ecological conservation and ecological science popularization and showed concern for the relationship between human and the environment.


Study at the Geological Museum


Observe birds and fish at Qinghai Lake


Observe Przewalski antelopes


Investigate plant characteristics at different altitudes


Survey remains of antelopes at the forest farm to understand their living habits


Draw different kinds of birds in accordance with their features


Causes of Chaka Salt Lake


Know about the local culture

在这个过程中,同学们在不经意间成长,带队老师Ms. Cissy YuMs. Jaime Wang被同学们感动:

During this trip, many students grew up unexpectedly. Ms. Cissy Yu and Ms. Jaime Wang, the leading teacher, were moved by these students:



George同学是我们心中的“best mealmate”。因为虽然他每餐吃的不多,但餐餐都会全程参与,陪伴在大家身边


 "Tammy, a senior of Grade 12, was very good at taking care of others. She organized the junior students to participate in activities together and soon got familiar with everybody.

Everyone was ready to do favors for others along the trip. The students sitting in the back of the bus offered initiative help to check whether they had left any belongings behind when getting off the bus. Many "lost and found" notices were issued in the WeChat group. That's very interesting.

George is considered as the best mealmate in our mind for he was involved in making meals and always there together with everyone even though he didn't eat much at each meal.

Luke is a highly competent team leader. After taking the cable car down the mountain, he still insisted on waiting for other team members who were still queuing up to go down the mountain in the wind and rain."


Collect red birch bark to make natural postcards


Our students have not only learned natural ecology, but also laid the foundation for their study and life in the future from this study trip.

G2年级的Emma Ye

Emma Ye, a G2 student, said:


The major purpose of the Qinghai study trip is to learn more about biology. During this trip, we observed Przewalski antelopes. Although they were about 200 meters away, we were very lucky to see several male antelopes running around us for a large circle. For this reason, we could have a closer look at their postures. We had intended to carefully observe antelopes and respectively take down some of their movements, but it was more difficult than we thought to target one antelope for recording after adjusting telescopes. In addition, the antelope herd keeps such a strong watchful mind with good eyesight that we can be seen from 200 meter away. Likewise, learning biology well requires us to observe more, make more practical actions and seek advice from teachers in time if we are stuck by difficult questions. I'm expected to make continuous breakthroughs in the following biology study."

G2年级的Stream Xu认为青海研学是一次很特别的体验:

Stream Xu, a G2 student, said that Qinghai study trip is a special experience:




Before set off, I have known that there are many animals in Qinghai where the temperature difference is relatively large and maybe the city is not very developed. But, after I experienced it personally, I deeply comprehend how convenient and clean the city is, how pious the religious people are and what a hard life the people in Qinghai Forest Farm live. 

It's possible for me to choose the art major in the future as I am very interested in beautiful animals, so I chose Qinghai for my study trip. I have gained a lot under the guidance of Mr. Xiaohei and Kuankuan, such as different kinds of animals and their habits, and I also witnessed splendid scenery that can't be seen or captured by cameras in the city. To be honest, I'm glad to see this beautiful sky when waking up every day except for the dung scattering across the ground. I drew rich aspiration and gained new knowledge from Tujia clothing, the color and significance of embroidering pouches, the excitement and delicacy of the highland barley wine and the architectural design and religious influence I learned in Taer Lamasery on the last day. 

In the evening, we played games with teachers and classmates and made a lot of new friends! For me, this week has been of great happiness and meanings. It may be the only time in my life to get to know about Qinghai. I want to thank SDA for giving me such a chance! I'll take my drawing book if there is another chance next time."

即将升入As年级的Claire Zhou在这次研学中学会了独立:

Claire Zhou, who is about to enter As Class, has learned to be independent in this study trip:






"I signed up for this activity because I have never been to Qinghai before. And this is my first time to go to the northwest high-altitude region to experience a completely different environment compared to that in southern China.

In this activity, I jump out of my comfort zone. Of course, the facilities there are not as sound as in Shanghai, and the dietary habit and culture are very different, but we should learn to understand and accept it. What's more, it's imperative for me to learn to adapt to the new environment in preparation for going abroad in the future.

In addition, we can cultivate friendship with each other and have fun with friends and teachers, when I feel freer than the days in school.

The most impressive part is to observe Przewalski antelopes. That was my first time to stay so close to a protected animal out of the zoo. Besides, I gained a lot of knowledge about animals and plants. I will further study biology, so the accumulated knowledge may help me in the future. 

And I saw much beautiful scenery that can't be seen in southern China, especially the cloud there, which is too beautiful to be real."


It has been a while since the Qinghai nature study trip finished. Each student participating in the trip had a different growth experience. It was about helping each other along the way, starting to care for nature, paying attention to the surrounding environment, constantly activating their potentials, loving exploration and different subjects...