Book Fair 2021 | 在实践中学习
时间: 2021-06-07 来源: 上海师范大学附属第二外国语学校


There are many reasons as to why we read. Reading allows us to be transported from our own world to another. Between the pages of a book, we can become immersed in the lives of fictional characters and learn about a culture entirely different from our own. We can also learn new words and phrases, experience a range of emotions, and acquire skills and knowledge.


As an international foreign language school, it is important to us to ensure that our students are obtaining a sound and well-rounded English education, hence the star reading program has been introduced. The aim of this program is to increase the students English vocabulary. Books are great sources of teaching material. By encouraging our students to read English books we are allowing them to opportunity to learn while expanding their imaginations and mind-sets. 


In preparation for our first Book Fair, held on May 14th, 2021, each class was divided into groups of 4 or 5 people. Each group then had to choose a book they wanted to present in the form of a story board.  The reading teacher  instructed their class to read their book and through analysation of the books story line, characters, new vocabulary, lesson learnt from their book etc. The students set out to transfer the information they had read about, onto their story boards. This activity not only taught students how to transfer information, it allowed them to understand and think in English as well as to engage in their creativity. 


Apart from the abovementioned learning areas covered by this activity, our students also exercised the skill of working. In a mini essay written by Angela, a student in grade 6A, she wrote: “I learnt that when we work as a team, the results are great!”  Working in groups also enabled the students to recognise each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  Sisi, another student in grade 6A wrote:  “Lisa is the greatest leader,she planned the poster well with amazing ideas!”  This statement proves to me that the this group had made a connection with their book and learnt from it, as their book was about friendship and how we should treat our fellow classmates and friends.


According to some more essays written about their Book Fair experiences, many students had stated that it had given them a reason to speak English outside of their respective English classes which they enjoyed. 


Books are our portals to learning new life lessons, to having new experiences, to learning about new and wonderful cultures, books allow us to step into the world of someone new and see things from new perspective. They are not only rich academic teachers, but they are great teachers of life.